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Safe Haven Animal Refuge Project

S. H. A. R. P


1. Facilitate the rescue and adoption of homeless domestic animals of pure or mixed breed lineage, and placing adoptable animals into solid and stable homes, while providing long-term care for those animals not appropriate for adoption; 

2. Prevent cruelties of any form to all animals and to aid in the prosecution of such cruelties; 

3. Help relieve suffering of, and prevent cruelty to, animals through dissemination of information to and education of the public; 

4. Help reduce the numbers of homeless, relinquished, abandoned, and destroyed domestic animals through the dissemination of information to, and the education of the public, including, but not limited to, lectures, seminars, and shelter visits relating to humane and responsible treatment, adequate medical care, and sterilization. 

5. To rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for animals in danger of euthanasia in animal shelters across the state of Georgia.  

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